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Railway Use Platforms

  • Working height:

    14.40 m

  • Max side outreach:

    9.30 m

  • Mixed use on both road and rail.
  • Compliant with European standard EN280 and railway standards RIS 1 530-PLT. Approval certificate for railway vehicles.
  • Turret with automatic flatness compensation. Use of the machine on the railway with CANT up to 200 mm.
  • Speed ​​of 8 Kmh on the railway track.
  • Very spacious aerial carrycot particularly suitable for use with two people and tools on board.
  • Endothermic emergency engine, equipped with hydraulic pump capable of closing the arms and removing the machine from the track in case of failure of the main engine.
  • Oscillating axle.
  • Use of the lateral outreach aerial platform also during translation.
  • The platform is particularly suitable for the maintenance of power lines and railway lighting.
  • Equipped with tow hooks, it allows the towing of light trolleys.

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